Japanese Sushi Rolls



Domain Name

It is quite hard to choose the right name for a domain name. I tried this and bought it at godaddy.com Still do not know what to do with but hopefully I will get to the bottom of this and soon earn my very first after sometime. I am planning to have an site with lots of various articles. The temporary page is not yet activated maybe in an hour or so. will just just have to test some things out first. wish me luck guys!!!

Life’s Complications

Everyday is like a brand new day…we sometimes discover the things which are far more important in our lives…I had been through a roller coaster ride in my life….and with God’s loving care and protection, I was able to go through the toughest moments in my life…Life is a neverending journey in which each one of us must travel, I still hope for the best to come..today may not be my lucky day but who knows what the future might bring,you know….One thing is for sure, I admire and salute people who keep their feet on the ground no matter where or what they may have achieved or become…I wish to vanish pride and discrimination in the hearts of inconsiderate persons but reality does bite..Some people, I guess are born to be traitors?..Well, I hope not…I am shocked at dishonest people who lie straight to your face…I envy the pureness of a child’s heart..how easily they become happy and sad and forget any pain they had been through…Love has the taste of sweetness and bitterness..Lucky for those who get the sweet taste of it and hold on to it till the end and …..I’m lucky for now,…I hope and pray that what is needed to be resolved will be resolved already…money is not an issue here…oftentimes,we get to know the realness of a person when we are at our lowest point…people tend to know you when you’re at the top but when you’re not, some don’t give a damn..such principle of discrimination does exist…I am just bursting my heart out here with no specific details, I wonder if anyone cares…I care a lot about people for who they really are..for the goodness in their hearts, not for what they have or who they are…I don’t judge others easily I always want to know the bottom point in times of distress…the cause and effect…i am such a dramatic person…intimidating yet a great friend to those who took the courage to get to know the real me….."This is me"